How to register for participation in auctions?

In order to participate in the auctions, you need to register your account at with the e-mail address that you will use to participate in the auctions and for all further communication.

What if I didn’t get the mail to confirm registration?

After registration by your e-mail to the address specified during registration you should receive an e-mail with the following content:

If you have not received this e-mail, please contact the e-mail address: from the e-mail address you used to register.

What after sending the completed PDF “Registration form”?

After receiving the form, we will send a new one-time password for participation in auctions to your address, which must be entered when registering by your e-mail at:

If you have not received an email with a one-time password, please contact us at the e-mail address: from the e-mail address you used when registering.

How to participate in the auction –
Home page?

The front page of the shows all open auctions where you can track the status of your bids. To refresh the prices on the cover, you need to refresh the page in the browser. (“Swipe” on your cell phone or by clicking on the refresh icon on your computer.)

Depending on whether you have currently set the highest bid or have been surpassed by someone on this page, you will see the following red or green labels: <

If your bid is the only one placed on the auction, these messages will not be printed.

How to participate in the auction –
Bid page?

After selecting the desired auction on the front page or the “Open Auctions” page, the bid is entered by clicking on the drop-down menu with prices, selecting the desired amount and confirming it by clicking on: SET BID.

It is important to note that you can submit an unlimited number of bids for each open auction, during the auction period indicated by the countdown and the final time indicated below the “Counter”.

On this page you can also monitor the status of your offer, as well as the time remaining until the end of the offer.